Pasand is a social enterprise that educates adolescents on personal health and wellness. Through an interactive and academically-rigorous curriculum taught by skilled facilitators, Pasand initiates conversations that encourage confidence and self-respect among its students and their communities. 

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How do we help a generation of adolescents take control of their health and achieve their potential?



Through academic, comprehensive personal health education, we challenge our students to think critically and feel confident about their bodies and health.


We help our students to understand puberty and personal hygiene, examine gender norms, and to be safe and happy on their journey through adolescence.

If my period is not coming for one month or two months, what will happen?
— Anonymous Student
What are the differences between boys and girls?
— Anonymous student
If [men] follow us or call us when we are on the road, should we ignore them or respond?
— Anonymous student
Why will white blood [vaginal discharge] appear from my body?
— Anonymous student

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