Health education in China

In regard to health education, much of the information came from some brochures. I can recall reading some materials that came with the textbooks each semester in primary school. These materials talk about how our body grows, how we change from little kids to teenagers, and talked about girls’ period and such. And they also tell us about the damage of drugs. So that’s pretty much the first health education of mine. Schools were reluctant and by-the-book. 

 Of course, my parents would tell me something about health and personal hygiene. My mother is quite protective of me and my sister. She told me of what I should do when the menstruation came. She would buy me the sanitary towel. She would take me to doctor if I was sick. She took good care of me.  

Along with my growing path, media plays an important role. Magazines tell horrible stories of drug use by naive individuals; TV commercials sometimes speak about basic personal hygiene, nutrition, beauty, etc. Some movies show situations of self-protection in the face of fire, earthquake, floods and such. Books tell us how to exercise, how to lose weight, how to become healthier through the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine science. Of course, there is Internet. I Google what I want to know about health, such as what drug I should use when chronic otitis hit me. Everything is easy to access from Internet. 

Then comes self education. While I grow, I learn about some illnesses that happen around me. Quite many people I know around me have died of cancer. And I treasure myself very much now. I try to maintain health in my life while I am working hard. I learn that emotions could result in terrible disease such as breast cancer. I spend more time on exercise, such as running or swimming. If I want to be healthy, I need to sleep well, eat in a balanced way and exercise. Meanwhile, I need to maintain a stable mood. 

That’s roughly the health education that I experienced.  


My name is LIN Fengping. LIN is my family name. I am from Fuqing--a county-level city in Fujian Province, which lies in Southeast China.  I got my degree in Marketing at Changchun University of Science and Technology with a degree in Marketing and I went to Central South University in mid-China to learn English Interpreting. After I graduated, I was an English tutor in a training school in Fuzhou, where I taught high school students and ILETS writing. Now I work as an English editor at Netdragon Websoft Inc., which is a Chinese company that develops and operates online games.  I hope to have my own business some day. Along with reading, I love classical music, running, watching movies and traveling.