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Welcome to Pasand's blog! 


We are so excited to use this space as an open forum to share stories about health, adolescence, and personal growth from people around the world. Our programs in India have shown us that honest conversation is the best way we can learn from each other and talk about issues that might never be discussed. We want this blog to serve as a safe space for a dialogue that gives voice to all people: girls and boys, young and old. Our hope is that Pasand's blog will spark a global movement where everyone feels respected and encouraged to share his or her story.  


If you have an experience with personal health, health education, wellness, or adolescence that you feel inspired to share, we encourage you to do so! We want to hear about any formative experience you have had in your lifetime. We have already learned so much through the stories people have shared with us, and we invite you to join the conversation. You can contribute by writing for, commenting on, or spreading the word about our blog! In addition, please don't hesitate to reach out if you simply would like to discuss someone else's story, ask questions, or share what you learned! 


Grow with confidence, 

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