life lessons

A Way to Live

We all have key events that happen throughout our lifetime that change our direction & open our eyes beyond our current reality. It is interesting to me how we have so many of these life changing moments, but at the time, we have no idea what kind of magic they possess & how they can change our lives & guide us to finding our passions & ultimately our life calling.

What I learned in boating school is...

If you asked me to name the first things that come to mind when describing my childhood, I would tell you that they are the same things that I preoccupy myself with now: TV and Sports. The TV part is pretty straightforward. Watching my favorite shows used to be so automatic, I knew entire episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Spongebob Squarepants by heart. The sports part is a little less conventional. A highlight reel of my short-lived middle school football career would feature clips of my 7th grade self being annihilated by bigger kids in practice, warming the bench for most of the games, and ultimately quitting a little more than halfway through the season.