Pasand's work is already having an impact on our students.  We're committed to measuring the change we effect and collecting feedback from our stakeholders in order to continuously improve our curriculum.

product knowledge: feminine hygiene

After the Pasand curriculum, girls were familiar with twice as many menstrual hygiene products.

menstruation: who does it?

Before the Pasand curriculum, 23% of the students said that pregnant women do not menstruate. After the Pasand curriculum, 48% of the students said that pregnant women do not menstruate.

Sexual assault: who's at risk?

Before Pasand, 43% of boys knew that boys could be victims of sexual abuse and harassment. After, 58% knew.

body knowledge: is period blood impure?

Before the Pasand curriculum, 18% of students knew that period blood is not impure. After Pasand, that number rose to 39%

Harassment: is it illegal?

Before the Pasand curriculum, 43% of students said it was illegal for a man to make unwanted verbal sexual comments to a woman. After Pasand, 54% know it is illegal.

student question box

In every class, students are able to anonymously submit questions to our Question Box. Our facilitators respond to each and every question with honesty and objectivity. The questions are used to develop the best curriculum possible that addresses our students' concerns and to gather real time feedback on comprehension.

What are students curious about?

What are the differences between boys and girls?
— Anonymous student
I have been putting on weight, what should I do?
— Anonymous student
If my period is not coming for one months or two months, what should I do?
— Anonymous student
If [men] follow us or call us when we are on the road, should we ignore them or respond to them?
— Anonymous student
Why will white blood [vaginal discharge] appear from our body?
— Anonymous student
Elders tell us it is because of our dressing style that sexual abuse is taking place...but when modern dresses are worn by young children they call them victims. Why?
— Anonymous student