I learnt good and new information which I didn’t know. Learnt about internal reproductive organs and its functions. I got to know different products that are available in the market, and learnt how to insert tampon. Very much impressed with cloth pad. I want Pasand to come all the time to our school. After the program I was looking for your way
— Prathuysha
Pasand program was really good, I learnt when to change pad, what happens if I don’t change pad on time and how to dispose pad. Also learnt about how egg is released from the ovaries, why it releases. Information on Safe and unsafe touch was very useful. Learning about different types of abuses and how I can avoid getting abused (self-protection/ awareness). Thank you!
— Keerthi M
The program was very good. I learnt new things about my body and why the changes happen during puberty and how these changes are normal. I learnt about abuse and how to tackle abuse. I learnt about safe and unsafe touch and how to say NO to an abuse. It was very helpful and new to me.
— Mani K
I liked the program a lot. I now know the meaning of victim and abuser. I learnt that not just girls but boys can be victims of sexual abuse too.  I also learnt how to address abuse and file a complaint. The program taught what is safe and unsafe to me and what is safe and unsafe touch which I feel is very important for me to know.
— Rahul K
I really liked the program because I learnt how to dispose pads, earlier I was not disposing it properly. I will spread this learnt information to all the people I know my family, friends and my children in future. Thank you for teaching us this information
— Rubina S
The program has taught me how to behave in our society. I have learnt to respect people and their space. The program taught me that no one should touch other’s private parts nor show or see it without consent. If anyone touches mine, I will say NO to them and seek help from people I trust. The program also taught me that both boys and girls should get education and both should work, before and after marriage.
— Praveen C
Sahasra Deepika International for Education is pleased to write a recommendation for Pasand. Since 1998, Sahasra Deepika Institute has provided education and care to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Pasand piloted their health education curriculum for girls at Sahasra Deepika Institute in Bangalore in the summer of 2014.

Their curriculum empowers girls to understand their bodies and not be ashamed of their menstrual cycles. Through inventive games and culturally appropriate discussions, the girls gained a better awareness of how their body works. They also gained awareness of personal safety. We recommended Pasand to lead classes in a neighboring school in Bangalore, and they were similarly well received by students and staff.

The Pasand team is a highly educated group of young women who are totally dedicated to providing girls the best information possible about their health. We were very impressed at their sensitivity to our cultural norms, at their gift for teaching, and their commitment. We wholeheartedly recommend them to conduct the Poori Pasand curriculum at your institution.
— T.V. Ramakrishna, Founder and President