Our mission is to develop and facilitate transformative personal health and wellness education for adolescents in South India and beyond. Our programs directly address the silence surrounding personal health education, building confidence and self-respect among adolescents who will be the next generation of role models within their communities. 


We envision a safe, gender equal world where all adolescents have the tools, confidence, and supportive environment they need as they navigate their own journeys to adulthood. 

[The Pasand] curriculum empowers girls to understand their bodies and not be ashamed of their menstrual cycles. Through inventive games and culturally appropriate discussions, the girls gained a better awareness of how their body works. They also gained awareness of personal safety...We were very impressed at their sensitivity to our cultural norms, at their gift for teaching, and their commitment.
— T.V. Ramakrishna, Founder and President, Sahasra Deepika International for Education