We support adolescents in making decisions about their wellbeing through innovative personal health education. Using education as a transformative tool, we inspire adolescents to celebrate themselves, while respecting the traditions and customs of the communities we serve. 

Create Safe Spaces. 

We engage adolescents in dialogue that promotes open communication, respect, empathy, and understanding for others. 

Instill Confidence. 

We equip students with an understanding of their bodies and the resources they need to safely manage their health. In doing so, we cultivate the skills and behavior necessary to live healthy lives through adolescence and beyond. Confident and knowledgeable adolescents have the power to make informed decisions and be agents of change. 


By creating a safe environment where girls and boys can learn, grow, and thrive, we aim to improve the lives of women and children. Our model promotes healthy behavior and produces a ripple effect, where educating one student can impact an entire community and, one day, an entire country.